Printed Poly Bags

With our wide array of extrusion, printing and bag making machines, we have the ability to manufacture various kinds of plastic bags as per customer requirements. We provide customers the best options to choose from and provide a one-stop solution for all their needs.

Multi-color printed poly bags

Since we have extrusion machines for HM, LD and PP, we have the flexibility to produce the exact quality of bag needed according to the application or requirement. For example, if there is a requirement for a bag that should be glossy with rich printing and finish, we can opt for LDPE bags with Rotogravure printing. If another application requires a bag with glossy finish and should also have strength to carry weight, we can make the bag with a mixture of layers of LD and HM, so that it has both the required qualities.

Carry bags

We make carry bags with best quality virgin HM material and appropriate color master batches. We have excellent quality Rotogravure printing machines that can print unto 12 colors, one of the only machines in India. For standard applications, we have Flexo printing machines also. With various options in bag making machines, we can get these different types of Poly/Carry bags:

  • Bottom sealed bags
  • Side gazetted bags
  • Bags with butterfly cut
  • 12-color 4-side printed bag

Printed and Laminated Pouches and Rolls

We supply printed and laminated pouches for food packaging. We have a very high end setup for printing, slitting and lamination tasks to supply high volume and high quality laminated rolls and pouches.

Laminated food packaging rolls

With Rotogravure and Flexo printing machines, we do reverse printing on polyester film and then laminate it with LD material for sealing and for avoiding direct food contact purpose. We can supply the same for metalised polyester rolls also. This can be made into pouches in customer premises during filling process.

Printed and Laminated Pouches

The laminated rolls made in above process can also be made in to pouches as per customer requirement. With different pouch making machines, we can make pouches with the following different options added:

  • Center Sealed Pouch
  • Three Side Sealed Pouch
  • Pouch with side and bottom gazette
  • Standup Pouch
  • Zip Lock Pouch
  • BOPP Pouches for Garments packaging
  • Aluminium Foil Pouches

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